Innovation is hard. Healthcare is the hardest industry of all. We chose to build macro-eyes because we have a vision for the future. The only way we know to see that future is to build it.

Disease strikes the body multidimensionally. Evidence of illness or health is revealed in singular points of data – though trends matter more – and in patterns that emerge only when diverse datasets are analyzed as a whole. Disease does not impact all patients in the same way. Time too introduces a dimension: states of health evolve differently for different patients. Context matters: environmental and social factors shape health and the course of how wellness and disease evolve. The medical tabula rasa does not exist: patients may have pre-existing conditions and be prescribed several medications – this will alter how patients respond to interventions. Health risk is multidimensional.


not static or reducible to key words

The medical solutions of the future will be personalized to the patient. Personalization will not be static or reducible to keywords. Personalization will be more than diabetic/female/adult. Personalization is not only genomics. The maxim that Google or Facebook knows more about you than your physician will no longer be true (if it ever was). In the future, Google will look to healthcare to learn effective ad-targeting. Technology companies will study how providers leverage data to effectively treat different types of patients; data generated by patients’ bodies and data recorded in the environments where they live and work.




(even several sizes)




The medical solutions of the future will entail multidimensional treatment to cure and multidimensional analysis to detect, prevent and manage. When additional datasets are layered into analysis, dividing a population into groups of similar patients becomes more precise, more predictive. Insight from each cohort becomes more valuable in understanding how best to personalize care for each patient. Different patients require different types of care. One size - even several sizes - never fits all.

single patient     high-level context

Providers will be able to see a single patient in high-level context and bring details into sharp focus: clinicians will magnify the trend line of a series of lab values and discover how a change of that kind typically progresses during the care of similar patients – and which interventions prompted a shift.



Clinicians will again be generalists. They will make decisions by pairing rapidly acquired data with dynamic models of medicine. Insight will move clinicians and administrators from the micro to the macro and allow visibility into the connections therebetween.

The health systems of the future will allow patients and providers to see the interventions that create value specifically for them. Supply chain executives will leverage insight on the devices and medications that lead to optimal outcomes for different cohorts of patients; supply chain will negotiate on price and specifications with device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to create value for the population in their care.



pattern matching across multiple


Mapping the course of disease and identifying the most effective intervention involves pattern-matching across multiple dimensions: the current condition of the patient overlaid with patients past treated and matched to relevant clinical trials and case reports described in the medical literature. This kind of multidimensional similarity search also brings clarity to financial markets; understanding how trends evolve across markets is immensely valuable as is the ability to identify leading indicators and the right precedent for deciphering the present.

In financial markets, profit comes from accurately and rapidly (more so than your competitors) predicting how price will change. Profit is maximized when you structure a trade that fits the specific sequence and structure of your prediction, enabling profit and limiting your risk.

To be right about the future is not enough; you must also design a response that best fits (and preferably shapes) the contours of the future you’ve predicted.

In the future, providers will profit by maximizing the long-term health of the population in their care. Short-term profit will come from rapidly identifying risk and deploying patient-specific solutions. The institutions that will dominate the business of health will be financially rewarded when correctly identifying patient risk and patient opportunity [how to efficiently improve health] – faster and more precisely than competitors and designing interventions that best fit their patients.

We create and deploy software that extends the reach and ability of healthcare providers. The best clinical and operational minds practice pattern recognition brilliantly across multiple dimensions to classify and predict. macro-eyes technology adds scale and precision to that intelligence.







macro-eyes is building this future

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