Accurate predictions from incomplete data - transforming crucial systems.

MACRO-EYES is an AI company.
Our technology makes crucial systems predictive. Predictive systems are resilient.

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How We Work

We work in environments with little conventional data (sometimes none at all) and with some of the most sophisticated consumers in the world of technology. Our first customer was the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford. We have deployed MACRO-EYES products at leading academic health centers and within one of the largest health systems in the world. We work for the governments of Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, and the United States. We work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and the US Department of Defense.

MACRO-EYES products presume that change is the constant. It’s dangerous to assume conditions on the ground, or supply and demand, or people will remain the same. We build systems that learn relentlessly.

Our Partners