Choose To Challenge: An International Women's Day Pledge

Mar 23, 2021
Mar 23, 2021

macro-eyes celebrates and thrives on the diversity, strength and leadership of the cadre of women that support and make the macro-eyes mission achievable. We empower positive change with the use of data that drives more efficient health systems and social constructs that continue to improve the socio-economic health of our co-workers, neighbors and humanity.

The macro-eyes mission reads from the same playbook as the 2021 International Women’s Day theme: Choose to Challenge.

As scientists, engineers, global health experts and visionaries, macro-eyes chooses to take on the numerical challenge of data coherence; the immediate challenge of global health; the socio-economic challenge of gender equality; and celebrate the achievements of our local macro-eyes cohorts, and all women the world over. macro-eyes joins the progressive global community to intentionally challenge the status quo, leading toward a more inclusive, brighter, and better future.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021, macro-eyes would like to highlight and celebrate the women that contribute at the intersection of AI and global welfare innovation.

Monika Obrocka, PhD, is Director of Machine Learning Operations at macro-eyes. With a PhD in Radio Astronomy from the University of Manchester, Monika has experience leading the adoption of new collaborative platforms and cutting edge Deep Learning frameworks in healthcare. She currently heads the macro-eyes ML Team and leads the creation of infrastructure and processes that sets macro-eyes technology for success. Among other things, Monika is punctilious and strong.

Ashley Schmidt is a seasoned global health program manager with nearly a decade of experience working internationally on various health programs that include child health, family planning and malaria programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Myanmar, India and Haiti. Ashley has always been passionate about improving the health and well being of others and is a big believer in the power of technology to improve health outcomes at scale. She currently manages STRIATA, a macro-eyes AI interface that contributes to COVID-19 readiness and health systems strengthening in Sierra Leone, with grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Among other things, Ashley is inclusive and resilient.

Jeni Stockman has spent nearly a decade adopting innovative technologies to different political and social environments to ensure quality health services are efficient, effective and accepted. She has worked with governments in developing strategies that ensure the prioritization of national goals while implementing new technology to ensure better groundwork is laid for impactful results. Jeni challenges the status quo to adapt where possible and to change meaningfully where inevitable. She currently manages projects that address COVID-19 vaccine distribution using the macro-eyes STRIATA interface, while tackling the larger issue of macro-eyes AI deployment on a variety of global health challenges. Among other things, Jeni is calm expertise under extreme pressure.

Emma Delmotte has progressive cross-functional project management and supply chain experience both gained in the not-for-profit and private sectors internationally. She has tirelessly promoted transformation in the health sector, including challenging the difficulty to access healthcare when it comes to Aids, Tuberculosis, Malaria. She has a passion for her current role of utilizing AI to improve supply chain for health and thus improving access to healthcare. She currently is Manager of Programs and Partnerships at macro-eyes. Among other things, Emma is persistent and dimensional.

Johnna Sundberg is a Machine Learning Scientist at macro eyes. Johnna is an international development practitioner-turned-data scientist devoted to increasing equity in opportunity across the globe. She puts her effort where her passion lies: from One-Acre Fund in Kenya to Spark MicroGrants in Uganda and Rwanda; from classical piano, to homemade ravioli, to French, Spanish and Swahili immersion. She currently works on an AI PLAYBOOK that decodes the obtuse into the comprehensible for AI implementation. Among other things, Johnna is scientifically creative and worldly.

Jesse Lindle has devoted her career to searching out and implementing cutting edge solutions for emerging technology projects. Jesse's background experience has been applied to a vast range of challenging topics within mathematics and large data sets. Jesse has completed research into and developed algorithms and software pipelines for image processing, location tracking, optical communication, and augmented reality projects, and is especially effective at implementing feedback for impact and change, from byte to broad global impact. She is currently a macro-eyes Software Engineer working on ML solutions for geo-location, health facility readiness and vaccine distribution. Among other things, Jess is industrious and genuine.

Ruth M’kala is a communication professional with a bias towards global health equity. With progressive experience in communications and advocacy management, she holds a vision for story-telling as a tool to achieve social justice in the global health spectrum. Her participation in the Global Health Corps fellowship inspired her career in global health communications where she worked through the human centered-design approach for service and product marketing. Currently Marketing and Communications Manager, Ruth is the voice of macro-eyes that champions change in the global health sector with a particular emphasis on Africa. Among other things, Ruth is diplomatic and optimistic.

Beverly Kehoe is the macro-eyes Program Administrator, bringing communication, compliance and control to various facets of the macro-eyes workflow. She has been a serial small business entrepreneur and loves to work in small teams driven by consensus. She volunteers with Amurtel, an international relief organization focusing on improving the lives of women and children. Among other things, Bev is a stalwart dynamo.

The macro-eyes Advisors and Board Members

macro-eyes Advisor Misha Sra is the John and Eileen Gerngross Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at the University of California Santa Barbara where she directs the Perceptual Engineering Lab. She is a member of UCSB’s Center for Responsible Machine Learning (CRML) and Center for Interactive and Visual Computing (CIVC). Her current research focus is on using AI for Good.

Stefanie Jegelka is macro-eyes ML Advisor. She is an X-Window Consortium Career Development Associate Professor in the Department of EECS at MIT, and a member of the Computer Science and AI Lab (CSAIL) and the Institute for Data, Systems and Society. She is an expert in machine learning, and her research addresses how to make machine learning more flexible and efficient. Her work has made contributions to learning with structured data such as sets and graphs, to the intersection of discrete and continuous optimization, to robust machine learning and learning with limited supervision.

macro-eyes Global Development Advisor Amie Batson is Executive Director of WomenLift Health, an organization dedicated to expanding the power and influence of talented women leaders in global health and catalyzing systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership. Throughout her 30-year career, Ms. Batson has provided strategic leadership, with a focus on innovation and partnerships, for a wide range of global health organizations.

macro-eyes board member Rebecca Weintraub, MD is a Managing Director at Draper Richard Kaplan, a venture philanthropy firm. Rebecca serves as an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and practices Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a Senior Institute Associate at Harvard Business School she develops new strategies to design valued based health care delivery.

Here is a woman who knows how to multitask.

Rebecca spearheaded a global network connecting health professionals from 140+ countries with vital evidence and expertise. In 2008, she launched the Cases in Global Health Delivery, detailing strategies to generate value for patients and populations. Her current research portfolio includes Better Evidence with Ariadne Labs to catalyze the integration of evidence-based clinical resources at the frontline of care delivery. In 1992, Rebecca co-founded Jumpstart, the national AmeriCorps program. In 2014, Rebecca was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and she is currently an Aspen Health Innovator Fellow. In 2016 she was appointed to the Perspectives Advisory Board of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Beyond our celebration, macro-eyes is committed to elevate, empower and make space for women everywhere and pledges to continue the Choose to Challenge well beyond March 8.