Macro-Eyes wins the USAID’s Intelligent Forecasting Competition

July, 2021

Macro-Eyes is thrilled to be the winner and recipient of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Intelligent Forecasting Field Implementation Grant.

After a global competition with over 100 participating organizations from around the world, Macro-Eyes has been selected to deploy STRIATA - an intelligent forecasting technology - for family planning products in Cote d'Ivoire.

Contraceptive access is vital to safe motherhood, healthy families, and prosperous communities. However, in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) around the world, health systems are often unable to accurately predict the quantity of contraceptives necessary for each health service delivery site, in part due to insufficient data, limited staff capacity, and inadequate systems.

When too few supplies are ordered, service delivery sites may run out, limiting access to contraceptives and family planning. When too much product is ordered, unused contraceptives are wasted if they are left to expire. Accurate forecasting of contraceptive consumption can save lives, money, and time by ensuring health service delivery sites have what they need when they need it and by reducing waste in the supply chain.

“We’re deeply honored” stated Benjamin Fels, Macro-Eyes Founder and CEO. “We fiercely believe that the most advanced technology in the world must turn towards fundamental human problems. We are grateful for this opportunity to work with the government of Côte d’Ivoire to make health systems more responsive to the people they serve. The world is dynamic, conditions on the ground change: the systems that determine where and when health goods are available must learn to keep ahead of that change.”

To maximize the success of the forecasting model and ensure it is locally-informed and incorporates diverse perspectives, Macro-Eyes partnered with Michael Konan and the University of Novi Sad / Faculty of Technical Sciences Hybrid Forecasting Approach group led by Dr. Dejan Mircetic. The subsequent solution will be integrated into the in-country pharmaceutical inventory system that mSupply is implementing at all health service delivery sites in Côte d’Ivoire.

About Macro-Eyes partners

Michael Konan is a Senior Big Data Analyst certified by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA). He has been working in data analytics for six years and has two years of experience in data science and machine learning. Konan’s expertise is in advanced analytics and machine learning using R. As a native of Côte D’Ivoire, Michael contributes a deep understanding of the local context, as well as local resource development and networks of talent.

The Hybrid Forecasting Approach Group hails from the University of Novi Sad / Faculty of Technical Sciences in Serbia and Kedge Business School in France. The team consists of Dr. Dejan Mircetic, Dr. Mohamed Zied Babai, Dr. Marinko Maslaric, and Dr. Svetlana Nikolicic.

Together, we will bring expertise in supply chain forecasting and inventory, supply chain risk management, and warehouse and inventory processes.

For more information, visit the USAID website.