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Macro-Eyes is Hiring

Meaningful work is a luxury that we revel in, each day. At Macro-Eyes, we take on hard problems that bring the right kind of change to the world. Macro-Eyes has a rigorously horizontal culture that values diversity of every kind. We believe in recruiting the best talent in the world, regardless of location. We are always on the lookout for exceptional colleagues.

Radical innovation is at our core.

At Macro-Eyes, our vision is to create more from less by making pervasive systems intelligent. We are working for a world where nothing is wasted and where each resource generates the greatest impact. Our mandate is to deliver social impact through our core technology product, STRIATA.

STRIATA gives users enhanced capabilities to forecast consumption, understand the capacity of infrastructure, and predict behavior, even in low data and high uncertainty environments. Core AI and Machine Learning technology makes this tool adaptive and intelligent. Learning from hundreds of inputs discovered from thousands of data sources, the technological advantage of STRIATA results from 10+ years of R&D on commodity trading floors, amid global energy supply chain operations, and in AI laboratories at MIT. STRIATA is now being applied to the most challenging settings on earth.

Macro-Eyes is a global company with an international machine learning team led by MIT Professor Dr. Suvrit Sra. We are a venture-backed company supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, other leading impact investors, and USAID. We have partnered with Stanford, UNICEF, the Vaccine Confidence Fund, and the Governments of Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique, and deployed our technology to assess the whole California health safety net in just six weeks. Accenture spotlighted Macro-Eyes product Sibyl (now STRIATA) as critical digital health technology of the future.

We believe that the supply chain is the most important, unsolved optimization problem on earth. Change supply chains and you change the world.

Current Positions