Director of Communications
Give AI a powerful voice as the Macro-Eyes Director of Communications.

Macro-Eyes is recruiting our first Director of Communications to give machine learning a powerful voice in global health. You will design the loudspeaker to advance the frontiers of science for social impact. You will remove barriers to bring Macro-Eyes AI to where technology can do the greatest good. You will work closely with the Macro-Eyes executive team and collaborate with external partners that include governments and some of the most influential organizations in the world. The Director of Communications will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

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This role is a blend of design and execution – vision and operations. The Director of Communications will simplify our story, making our value proposition resonate with people who have little to no exposure to artificial intelligence [AI]. Success will be measured by your ability to translate complex technology into clear messaging for appropriate audiences. Macro-Eyes works with foundations, corporations, governments in the developed and developing world and NGOs: different audiences that require different messaging. The consistent hurdle in deploying AI is building trust – trust is born through transparency and understanding.

Our optimistic vision for the future of health is based around a simple thesis: fast-emerging countries will relentlessly, often brilliantly, skip the present and jump to the future of how health care is conceived and delivered. Our aim is to prove that the first health system with AI at its core will be in the developing world. Our work together will advance the frontier of machine learning and health, bringing the most advanced technology solutions in the world to where they are needed most. Radical innovation is at our core.

Macro-Eyes is the AI company rebuilding the foundations of health to make the delivery of care predictive everywhere. We have a mandate to deliver social impact, global presence and an international machine learning team led by MIT faculty. The Macro-Eyes team has built and shipped cutting-edge machine learning systems that run at large US health systems and on-device in the most challenging environments in the world. Macro-Eyes is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, and USAID and has partnered with Stanford, UNICEF, the Government of Tanzania, the Government of Mozambique, the Government of Sierra Leone, and Direct Relief. Accenture spotlighted Macro-Eyes product Sibyl as critical digital health technology of the future.

Developing our corporate communication strategy. Build a consistent strategy for platforms where we can share our impact, our vision, and our learnings. You will work with leadership to design how we engage the world and then develop and distribute appropriate content. You will clarify our brand and define and measure how the Macro-Eyes brand is strengthened through engagement.

Media. Macro-Eyes is leading the field in bringing AI to global health; we’re making AI work in some of the most challenging environments in the world, addressing problems that the global community has considered unsolvable. Our work is consistently unprecedented and can save lives and preserve resources. Our message must be heard. You will develop opportunities for media engagement, identify and pitch speaking engagements at conferences, and draft content for publication and for appropriate social media platforms. If Macro-Eyes were a media company, why would people seek out our content?

Program communications. Each project has internal and external communications needs. You will define the platforms for external use and deliver messaging to make appropriate insights available to the public. Programs also have internal and stakeholder communication requirements. You will work closely with Macro-Eyes Program Managers to build and distribute project specific communications.

Communication in the broadest sense. We believe that effective communication (and marketing as communication) can be visual and should hook the emotions of the audience. You will identify when our messaging should be visual and identify the right talent to design the content. You will first and foremost be a great storyteller.

Build your team. Catalyze efforts to grow the communications team. Identify internal needs for team growth, participate in the design and hire of communication team members and consultants.

See and experience where our work is deployed. This position requires the ability to travel internationally up to 25% of the time, with continuous periods of up to two weeks possible. That said, who knows when exactly global travel will again be possible.

  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in marketing, communications, journalism, public relations, or government affairs.
  • The usual experience (development, global health, pharmaceuticals) is NOT required. You must demonstrate a relentless curiosity to learn.
  • Demonstrated ability to design and implement successful communication strategies (tell us how to measure success).
  • Marketing knowledge and how to manage a campaign.
  • Preferred: experience communicating a concept or technology that is without analogy and was difficult for your audience to visualize (before you came into the picture).
  • Capable leader who has worked extensively in multi-national, multi-cultural environments bringing diverse groups together to achieve a common purpose with patience, grace and humility in low and middle income countries.
  • Demonstrated ability to compel different types of people in different contexts to undertake something new and to listen to a new idea.
  • Excellent English oral, written, and presentation skills.
  • Advanced document creation, collaboration and management skills.
  • Understanding of the global development context.
  • Ability to use consultants, content creators, and external vendors effectively and efficiently.
  • Unconventional ideas. We think most communication is lackluster, repetitive and not worth the pixels. We have groundbreaking results to share; convince us that you can make people listen.