Mitigate the financial and operational impact of no-shows without requiring a change in patient behavior

What if you could see, ahead of the gaps in your schedule, which patients will no-show?

Sibyl™ is a predictive scheduling application that cuts revenue loss due to no-shows and increases utilization. It's a seamless add-on to your scheduling system.

How Sibyl works

Patients don’t show for up to ~20% of scheduled medical appointments, resulting in $150B in losses across the U.S. each year. No-shows can impact half of all appointments at many sites. When a patient doesn’t show for an appointment, revenue is lost and resources at the ready are not reimbursed.

Sibyl leverages macro-eyes' AI to optimize the whole schedule in real-time, building upon highly accurate patient and appointment-specific ‘no-show’ predictions.

In engagements with community health centers in Washington State and Connecticut, Sibyl consistently demonstrated >75% accuracy in predicting patient no-shows.

Sibyl learns the appointment time when the patient is most likely to show and that maximizes utilization across the schedule as a whole.

Over-booking becomes targeted and precise. Providers have clarity on the type of schedule to expect each day. Sibyl is designed to minimize workflow interruptions and to provide schedulers ranked lists of optimal appointment times that incorporate patient and site requirements.

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