STRIATA is able to see, measure & report on the current state of infrastructure.

The Need

Supply chains are opaque, creating waste and increased risk. Without up-to-date data on critical infrastructure, it is impossible to make swift, informed decisions to match supply to demand.

Our Solution

STRIATA makes supply chains visible—from the network to the site to the vial count. STRIATA learns from hundreds of inputs extracted from thousands of data sources (satellite imagery to demographics to information extracted from the public internet) to rapidly assess health systems and critical infrastructure—continuously measuring each point on the map. You cannot improve the system that you cannot measure.

Minimal Error Rate


less than 2.5% error rate.

Rapid counts


faster than counting by hand.

At the physical site, MACRO-EYES AI identifies what’s on the shelf and counts commodities. Running on a phone and extracting data by analyzing simple photographs, MACRO-EYES AI counts, catalogues, verifies & audits. The technology works offline and at speed, delivering data over 50 times faster than counting by hand, with less than 2.5% error rate.


Learning from 600+ inputs, thousands of dimensions of data.

STRIATA is assessing the COVID-19 readiness of every health facility in Sierra Leone—and assessing every federally qualified health center in the State of California - without visiting a single site. Input from over 600 individual variables is continuously analyzed by the technology, providing policymakers with an up-to-date operational picture. Decision makers know exactly where to send vaccines to reach priority populations. Decision makers know where vaccines can be safely stored and administered.


Polio vaccine vials counted

MACRO-EYES AI counted 320,000 polio vaccine vials across Nigeria and Zambia by analyzing thousands of images with near-perfect accuracy.